Saf-Keep Storage

by aclacj

Contents of #101

Stuffed blue elephant approximately eight feet tall, five feet wide wearing Marti Gras beads, uncomfortably forced into the back corner of the unit. It is possibly a 1:1 scale replica of actual elephant wearing Marti Gras beads. Third Place Ski Ball Trophy. Elaborate schematics of Ski Ball machines and various Ski Ball trajectories. Six storage boxes of Dave and Buster’s prize tickets. Picture of enormous stuffed pink elephant in prize cage at Dave and Buster’s. Framed inspirational photo of a tall mountain with the word “DETERMINATION” underneath. One 25 pound barbell.

Contents of #405

Hammond Organ. Piano bench. Books of practice drills. Sheet music. Small Coffee Machine. Tool Kit. Three spools of wires. Book on Organ repair. Three flashlights and one small framed photo of Bill Doggett.

Contents of #493

The lock is purple with a sparkly smiley face drawn on it in nail polish. The unit is overfull and empties trash bags of women’s clothing into the hallway when opened. All items are various shades of purple. Everything smells like candy.

Contents of #666

A swirling red mist that whispers your name over and over. The door is hot to the touch and can only be opened by agreeing to it’s terms. It hisses and says it will show you the future. It says your name again. You don’t realize your hand is burning until you say “No thank you.”

Contents of #893

The nexus of all reality, from that Sci-Fi story you wrote when you were in sixth grade. It is improbably nested in the back of an Old Cadillac, just as you wrote it. It flickers and shows you a world where you don’t wind up reading a shockingly similar story written by Stephen King a few years later, and never suspect he is somehow stealing your thoughts or plagiarizing from the back of 6th Grader’s Social Studies notebooks.

Contents of #389

Another nexus of all reality. These are less rare than people think. This one is another boring “What if Hitler Won?” nexus.

Contents of #004

A desert landscape. It is warm and welcoming and relaxing and beautiful and you cannot resist stepping in. There is howling in the distance, but it’s far away in the dark, and you are holding someone’s hand so you close the door behind you and decide to stay.


Next Week’s Prompt: Read Instructions Before Use.