It feels important to be by the dock because it still has all the markings and the wear and the aura of an important place. The bolts, the cuts, the gouges and drag marks across the planks. Giant, impossible things carried other civilizations here, to this place that can just as quickly turn into nowhere.


It doesn’t matter from where, from which other place, but you can feel the effort that went into it and how hard it was for people to do that.


It feels important to be by the dock because the ocean is one of those things you can’t keep in your head. A person is too little to contain it, too weak to even consider it. Best not to think about it at all, let alone think about anything else. Standing close to it is enough to let it go.  


Stand there when it’s cold. The people around that you’d never speak to wonder why you’re there, staring out, and they’ll guess closely enough that you’ll never have to turn around to tell them.